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Jennifer Jacobs, CPE

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Testmonials for My Bare Lady Elecrolysis & IPL

"Jennifer is amazing! This has been the least painful electrolysis I've ever experienced and it's so effective. I would highly recommend her."
-- Emily R.

"For several years I had my chin, upper lip, and eyebrows waxed every two weeks. I decided I wanted to get rid of my excess hair permanently. I asked for electrolysis as a Christmas present and started going every two weeks. Now I see Jennifer at My Bare Lady every two months to remove a few stray follicles. I am so happy I had this process. It has really made a difference in how I feel about myself."
-- Mitzi T.

"I was so embarrassed about the hair on my neck and face so I would pluck/wax and constantly burn my face; it was pretty embarrassing going to work like that. I researched electrolysis and it has been a blessing. It is painful, I'm not going to lie but the time and price are totally worth it for the amazing results you get. Jennifer makes sure my sensitive areas are numb while being thorough and quick so you know you're getting your money's worth. Before, it was difficult to find someone or a good place I could trust and the fact is, no one likes showing off that little mustache. Jennifer has cool conversations with you and a smile to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. I also appreciate the fact that Jennifer works with me concerning scheduling and she is always willing to accommodate you in case something comes up. I go on the weekends because of my work schedule and she finds a way to fit me in. I leave her place super happy, hair-free every time."
-- Rosa R.

"My Bare Lady is fabulous! I have been a client of Jennifer's for over a year now. I had a horrible experience with another electrologist in Houston who was using an outdated and inferior machine for hair removal. It was like medieval torture. I could barely stand more than thirty minutes of treatment at a time and always left the office tense and in pain. Jennifer uses an Apilus Platinum machine, and the difference is like night and day! My appointments are usually between 45 minutes and an hour, but I could easily go longer. I could actually fall asleep during the treatments and sometimes do. The discomfort I experience during treatment is so minimal as to be almost nonexistent. Of course, Jennifer is very honest with you about treating different parts of the body and the sensitivity associated with those parts. I personally have had treatments on my underarms, face (chin and eyebrows), and the tops of my feet and toes. Toes are a bit sensitive because of the lack of fat there I guess, but again, I can fall asleep while being treated. Of course, everyone has a different threshold for pain and adjustments can be made during treatment to accommodate you specifically. You just have to communicate with your electrologist.

On that note, Jennifer has a great bedside manner. She is extremely professional but also very warm and friendly. She is also punctual and good at scheduling appointments so that there is not a lot of overlap. Jennifer is forthcoming with information about electrolysis and what to expect and is very discreet. I leave all my appointments feeling relaxed and like I've just had an hour-long visit with a good friend. If you are interested in permanent hair removal, look no further, because you won't find anyone better!"
-- Teri H.

"I really appreciate the time Jen spends explaining the process of electrology and her genuine concern for my needs as the client. By using top of the line equipment she ensures I have the best experience possible. I've had so much more success at My Bare Lady than any other electrology places. I would recommend their services without hesitation."
-- Michelle M.