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Jennifer Jacobs, CPE

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Bikini, Brazilian, Brozilian, Hollywood ...
whatever style best suits you, it's the fashion to be bare down there.

Private Areas

Electrolysis permanent hair removal for genitals, private areas

Everyone says they feel cleaner, smoother, and sexier when they are hair-free, but there are places where you just don't want to use a razor or hot wax on a regular basis. Electrolysis is precision permanent hair removal. Your treatments will remove only the hairs you don't want without putting anything you do want at risk.

Your treatments will be performed professionally, respectfully, and confidentially in a sterile environment. Your safety, comfort, and privacy are paramount.

Where can I get more information about electrolysis?

To speak to an electrologist or to schedule a free consultation, contact us. Answers to general questions about electrolysis are available on the Electrolysis FAQ page.

Electrolysis permanent hair removal

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