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Smooth, hair-free skin isn't just for small areas anymore. Electrolysis is a great choice for start-to-finsh permanent hair removal, or as a last-step treatment to permanently remove what's left after other hair removal methods have done what they can.

Breast Area

You may be surprised to learn that women of all ages suffer from unwanted breast hair, although they rarely talk about it. Electrolysis treatments can permanenly remove these embarrassing hairs from any part of the breast, including the areola. Despite how sensitive the breast area can be to touch, electrolysis is a different sensation and most women do not experience much discomfort.

Electrolysis permanent hair removal for breasts, back, chest, and abdomen


Back hair is notoriously patchy, coarse, itchy, and unattractive. It also hides the muscle definition you work so hard to maintain. Electrolysis can permanently remove those patches of wiry hair leaving your back completely smooth from stem to stern.


The days when a thick mat of chest hair was considered attractive are long gone. These days, you want your pecs smooth and free of hair. Electrolysis can help you achieve the swimmer-smooth look you deserve.


For women, abdominal hair is something you just don't want. Even men who don't mind a neat vertical line of abdominal hair are not happy when it starts to spead out sideways. Electrolysis can permanently remove any type of abdominal hairs, whether you want them all gone or just neatened up. Note to pregnant women: Electrolysis can be performed on any normal skin, but please check with your doctor before beginning electrolysis treatments,

Where can I get more information about electrolysis?

To speak to an electrologist or to schedule a free consultation, contact us. Answers to general questions about electrolysis are available on the Electrolysis FAQ page.

Electrolysis permanent hair removal

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